Mid distance runner

I have been working with Shelia Storer at Therapy with Food for 5 months, with the main aim of reducing my 10km PB. Throughout this time, Sheila has provided excellent support and professional advice which has revolutionised the way I approach my diet and training regimes.
The comprehensive methodology adopted and supporting programme provided has facilitated the realisation of my goal by analysing my diet; eradicating foods that were preventing any improvement in my personal best time and introducing a new balanced and healthy diet regime.
As a direct consequence of the work undertaken with Shelia and the advice, support and expertise received I have reduced my 10km race time, I no longer have the debilitating headaches I used to suffer from, my body fat has decreased significantly and I feel really healthy.
Based on my personal experience I have no doubts that Therapy with Food can help athletes of all abilities to realise their sporting and nutritional goals

Cholesterol reduction

I initially contacted Sheila Storer for nutritional advice to help lower my cholesterol levels. Employing an holistic approach to my problem, Sheila quickly identified several areas where I was nutritionally compromised and helped me to adjust my diet accordingly. At the same time, she suggested a course of supplements which would address the root cause of my problems. And in quick time, I discovered that my condition started to improve. But interestingly, not just the elevated cholesterol levels, but several other areas, too. A long standing sinus condition which meant I was blocked up for most of the year, improved spectacularly, as did the psoriasis I have endured since puberty. Energy levels too, were much higher than they had been before I started to see Sheila when they see-sawed massively. Finally, and perhaps the most surprising of all, has been the levelling off of a tendency to suffer rather unpleasant dips in mood. On the new regime I’m much calmer than I’ve been for ages. It all reinforces Sheila’s view that we are what we eat and that if you affect proper change in your diet you can make quite fundamental changes to the way you feel…all over.
Hearty recommendations!

Blood pressure and weight loss

The first advice I received from Sheila related to a back injury where she recommended a natural alternative to anti inflammatory drugs. The improvement was significant and long term.
Having subsequently decided to improve my overall level of fitness it made perfect sense to discuss my objectives with Sheila to establish how I should modify my diet to support my fitness campaign. My two key objectives were a reduction in blood pressure and weight loss.
In the first instance tests established food intolerances that came as a complete surprise. In addition to the foods that I should remove from my diet Sheila identified a broad range of foods I should add and explained the benefits they would bring. To complete my nutritional plan a number of supplements were added to my diet.
In a matter of weeks my blood pressure reduced significantly and I experienced weight loss at a sustainable rate. Furthermore my overall energy levels were raised and my general wellbeing improved.
My consultations with Sheila have been comprehensive, educational and enjoyable. Most importantly the discussions have been wide ranging, encouraging life style changes that will benefit my health on a long term basis.
I have no hesitation in recommending Therapy with Food.


Unexpected Outcome

My first consultation with Sheila was made because I felt I was getting old. Aching limbs, tired, overweight ( I would say only slightly!) too many headaches – the usual stuff at 55. However a particular problem was painful knees, a remnant of numerous rugby injuries and too many discos. I still loved my sport and long distance walking but the pain involved was winning, and the only medical advice was operations. A last resort in my opinion.

So my poor nutritional intake was explained by Sheila , my, what I thought was a fine, diet was changed and various tests carried out to make a full assessment. Surprisingly, I was found to be generally fine, a lack of certain vitamins here and there which she easily corrected, but one test  indicated I was intolerant to wheat and dairy. What? Now dairy I can give or take, but wheat…..I could eat a bakehouse.  And I was only mildly intolerant – but it was explained intolerance wasn’t allergic, just essentially my body fought certain foods  and they should be excluded.

So the new nutritional regime was put in place. Weight loss began immediately and more importantly for me knee pain became virtually non existent and I was back into sport including football. But the best came soon after. I have suffered from sleep apnoea since the mid 90’s, an annoying but potentially life shortening problem that causes your throat to close and you to momentarily stop breathing hundreds of times a night. It necessitates the use of a device called a CPAP machine, which acts rather like a hair dryer blasting air down the throat and keeping the airway open. Bit uncomfortable, hardly romantic but it absolutely works and believe me surprisingly doesn’t keep you awake. I was repeatedly told I would have this for life, there was no ‘cure’, accept it. I began to realise that the changes Sheila had made to my nutritional intake had affected me to the point where I no longer felt I had apnoea. My consultant was sceptical but after persuading her to carry out an overnight hooked up monitoring observation, the result was clear…….no sleep apnoea. For me that’s life changing. Thankyou.


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