Most sports enthusiasts are well aware of the difference the right nutrition can make to sports performance. However eating the right foods is only part of the issue.

Optimum health and performance require optimum functioning of all internal organs, not just muscles! For example many athletes do not realise the amount of stress exercising puts on the adrenal glands.

If the adrenals are overworked they will, after time, be unable to produce the hormones required and athletes may find that they cannot improve their performance any more, or feel tired, crave coffee or sweet food/drinks. These stimulants will temporailly boost adrenal hormone output but will not help the adrenal glands to recover, and, in fact, lead to further underfunctioning.

Another area where nutritional therapy can help to improve performance is ensuring efficient digestion (we are what we digest!). Anyone who has taken antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, drinks coffee or alcohol is likely to have compromised digestion. This may mean unnoticed food intolerances or poor protein digestion, leading to slow repair after injury or exercise and an increased toxic load for the liver to deal with.

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