Cancer Breakthrough

In the news today is an article on a breakthrough in cancer treatment. It involves identifying the genetic profile of a tumour and taking the body’s own immune cells, multiplying them and transferring them back into the body so that they can kill tumours.  Sadly it could be years before this treatment will be available.

Basically though this shows that our immune systems are capable of fighting off cancer but problems occur when our immune system is weakened. Things that weaken our immune system are antibiotics, prescription medications, poor diet, stress, poor digestion leading to food intolerances, infections with pathogenic organisms like virus, bacteria and yeasts, heavy metal toxicity, low antioxidants and more. All these things cause an overload on the immune system meaning that there is too much for it to do.

There is a lot you can do to improve the situation right now and this includes getting rid of as many of the above mentioned problems then putting in the nutrients to stimulate healthy fully functioning immunity.



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